Some Kind Words from Our Clients


Our little dachshund Jasper had IVDD surgery December 2017. At the time we were advised he had recovered well, at nearly 100%, and didn't need further treatment. 

July 2018- Jasper had a major disc rupture- he was rushed back to surgery and this time were were told he had a 20% change of recovery, he may never have control over his bladder or bowls and he may end up using wheels. 

Devastated that Jasper wouldn't be able to run with his fur brother and take the long walks he loved, we started acupuncture with the amazing, Dr. Stephanie James from BVA. At the first appointment, Jasper couldn’t stand on his own and we used a sling to help him walk, most of the time he was carried. After the first session we noticed his back toes started to curl around my finger. After each appointment slow but steady changes were noticeable. Stephanie cautioned us at some point, his progress would slow and may become almost indiscernible. 

Never giving up, we kept going for acupuncture, coupled this with physical therapy, Jasper is walking on his own. He has to regain the muscle tone in his hind quarters that atrophied but we have full confidence he will be going on walks with me once the weather warms. 

I know in my heart, without the support, encouragement and love Dr. Stephanie James and Marcia Arland have shown to Jasper and his to his two legged family, we would't be where we are today. 

If you are wondering will this help my fur baby- my humble onion is - YES. Make the call and book the appointment. 

Jasper the wonder pup's mom- Lucinda Race


"When we first started working with Berkshire Veterinary Acupuncture Selma was completely unable to walk, stand, or even hold her own weight. With the careful and personal treatment provided by Dr. James, we quickly began to see small improvements and after a few months we now have a fully functional dog. Dr. James and Marcia have an exceptional practice and the compassion and care they have for animals is obvious upon first meeting them. Their acupuncture program is the reason we have our dog back and we can't thank them enough. Berkshire County is lucky to have them."


"Shermie is a new dog since beginning his acupuncture treatments with Dr. James.  Before beginning TCVM, he was so painful from arthritis that he couldn't go for more than 5 minute walks.  He was depressed and had a decreased appetite.  I noticed a huge change after the 1st treatment.  He was full of life again; he was brighter and more energetic.  He wanted to go for walks again.  

[Dr. James] also has addressed and treated [Shermie's] liver disease.  With herbs and acupuncture, his liver values have decreased.  

Over the past several months with Dr. James's care, he has continued to improve.  She has made his 13 year old life so much better, which makes my life better too.  There is no doubt in my mind that [Dr. James] is extending [Shermie's] life."  



Selma getting electro-acupuncture.

Selma getting electro-acupuncture.